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- Laboratory Visual, mounting lenses and frames -

To provide eyeglasses which guarantees excellent vision, not just a careful visual examination and even the choice of a frame and two quality lenses; you also need the accurate fitting of glasses in the optical laboratory.

We offer optical laboratory inside which is characterized by its quality and professionalism. The precise centering of the lenses, their cut, being involved in the frame, using the best technologies guarantee eyewear personalized, tailor-made that fits perfectly on the face.

We specialize in centering, grinding lenses, prescription lenses wraparound solar filter and progressive, assembly, service, preparation of glasses and low vision aids. Recognized by the city and by the largest optical companies as a trusted partner for the design, technical support and custom solutions covering the construction of lenses and services such as color, mirrors, anti-scratch and anti-reflective treatments.

The production process is characterized by the use of raw materials of high quality, and the processing steps are carried out with the latest technology and with the use of advanced machinery . Some of these are:

i.Scription® Technology Carl Zeiss that provides a new quality of vision through lenses made and combined with the best hand-made glasses 
RVT Carl Zeiss that automatically detects parameters ocular allowing centering error-free and relaxed viewing 
- Laboratory mounting telesagomatura electronics for precision and execution speed 
We offer optical excellence for natural vision thanks to the decades-long collaboration between Giulianelli Optics and Carl Zeiss.

After the processing step, the lenses are subjected to a thorough inspection done by specialized technicians, who with the help of the most modern instruments ensure technical quality (calibration, thickness, diopters) well above the norm. In addition we offer a guarantee against manufacturing defects for two years and a free insurance for one year against robbery, burglary, theft, accidental breakage and wear significantly.

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