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The Beginnings

For at least three generations of Ferraresi GIULIANELLI è It was synonymous with photography. In the historic shop in Via Borgo dei Leoni 42 grandparents, parents and grandchildren for decades have run the portraits pi ù beautiful entrusting the family memory to professionalism photo studio transformed over time in optical shop specialized. There are not many companies that can boast a history of Ferrara centennial year, as in the original location Giulianelli, who has managed to combine tradition and modernity for sighting the century of life.

The year was 1914 when the founder of the historic brand, ALBERTO GIULIANELLI, twenty-three son of a railway Romagna and the first of six children, he decided to open a photo shop with partner Ferraguti in Via Borgo dei Leoni 42. He had already He completed his apprenticeship began just eighteen to work in photography at famous photographers of Benevento, Venice and Milan. The choice of Via Borgo dei Leoni was not accidental. The road seemed gi suited to photography, having been chosen by numerous photographers Ferrara, in different years, as the seat of their activities &agrave ;. Giulianelli and Ferraguti open study in a workshop adjacent to the then secondary door of the old Arcispedale Sant'Anna.
With great passion and tenacity the Study of Via Borgo dei Leoni is won 42 customers who will stay faithful over time. The partnership with Ferraguti soon melts and Alberto will remain Giulianelli sole owner and operator assist by making several employees and apprentices.
Constant è attention to advances in photographic techniques, immediately tested in the laboratory. Interest in shooting techniques and darkroom, to the effects of natural and artificial light, objectives and lenses for images fuzzy or high sharpness, the choice of paper for printing, corrections with remodeling, which Alberto Giulianelli è a true magician, everything is exploited to make the most of the psychology of customers in his portraits. He teaches the craft to two brothers who then will continue with its activities Rovigo and Ferrara.
In the 30s the study also supports the activities documentary that portraiture, engaging in architectural photography, industrial, reportage of events in the city cultural, political and social events, ceremonies and also in the development and printing for individuals. Giulianelli offers professional service for every occasion and è booming up imponderable event that in a moment seems to call into question all the sacrifices of a lifetime.
In January 1944 a devastating Allied bombing also affects Via Borgo dei Leoni, destroying a vast archive of images and slabs films, forever. At the end of the war activities It resumes in the portion of the building spared by the bomb, with great tenacity.
Reconstruction è slow and complex, even though they are years full of hope with new forces that support the activities founder of the now elderly. In 1956 the youngest son George joined his father in the study taking care of both the photography, and the new section of Optics &agrave will become over the years; dominant and then exclusive &agrave of the activity; of Giulianelli. In 1961, almost 70 years, Alberto Giulianelli fails leaving a solid activities to his son. He get to see the birth of his nephew Giampiero who will the company's future.


Giulianelli Today

In the 80s the decision to concentrate the activities Optics division on the door to an internal restructuring of environments Via Borgo dei Leoni 42 to provide more and more services ù professional and customized. In 1982 Giorgio Giulianelli receives the title of "Master Optician" but è Giampiero, grandson of the founder Alberto and Giorgio's son, graduated optometrist and eye care, to combine the tradition of a brand recognizable and successful with modernity new technologies to serve the needs pi ù disparate customers.

Even today, with the solidity of its 100 years and a constant focus on innovation, OPTICAL GIULIANELLI offers a highly specialized functional following the customer step by step in the selection of lenses and frames custom-calibrated on individual parameters which take into account the anthropometric data personal.
The shop, in the historical site of Via Borgo dei Leoni, 42, separated the area from a purely commercial optical center-optometric professional, where to perform visual evaluations in total privacy through advanced technological equipment. Optical-Optometrists experts are ready to support the medical Ophthalmologist in finding the best solutions for any visual problem.
The welfare of the eyes and the efficiency of the eye is the mission of OPTICAL GIULIANELLI that, in step with the times offers a customized profiling thanks to the mapping of the eye obtained with a high-tech visual analysis and integrated procedures that reduce human error by offering maximum precision, innovative solutions and high performance standards.
OPTICAL GIULIANELLI has spaces dedicated to the optometric laboratory, the center of prosthetic contact lenses, low vision section, as well as specific divisions for the needs of sportsmen and children. In the belief that an efficient view is the foundation for a better life Giulianelli has always sought innovative solutions for quality because é view è a supreme good that must be defended with awareness.
A wide range of selected products for every need: progressive glasses which return readiness visual youth, glasses office with large areas of vision for computer work without fatigue, digital eyeglasses against eyestrain from tablets and smartphones, sunglasses of prestigious brands with lenses of different colors to gratify the safety and protection, glasses for all kinds of sports, from high mountains to sub, specific glasses for children and low vision, photochromic lenses "intelligent" who adapt to any changes in brightness &agrave ;, innovative lenses to improve night vision while driving, lightweight, environmentally friendly, non-deformable, hypoallergenic and safe for maximum comfort and portability &agrave ;. Complete the offer contact lenses of different types to cover every need, from refractive to correct astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness, those cosmetic, professional sports, to the therapeutic applications to dispense drug on eyes with different diseases or in postoperative course.
OPTICAL GIULIANELLI è can offer advice and professional assessments of excellence to meet every need, even the most ù complex, supporting the physician ophthalmologist.
The competence and quality ever they have allowed OPTICAL GIULIANELLI of sight with professionalism the century of providing the customers a qualified è added value for those who keep the health of their eyes: that of GIULIANELLI è   "A long history of innovation and vision 100 years" .